The Journey Begins

Dear Friend,

Thank you for finding my blog and reading my post.

The main theme of this blog is happiness – with all the might that this word holds. It is not going to be just another website where I will post happy pictures and tell everyone life if always sunny and shiny.

Because guess what? It’s not. And that’s reality. And that’s normal. And that’s ok. I just feel that we get way to often blinded by an un-reality, that can put a lot of pressure on us. We get influenced so much by the outside world that sometimes, we end up asking ourselves if hapiness exists at all for us.

So I will be exploring the topic of happiness – definitions, influences, struggles, depressive episodes, tools, changes over time and much more in this blog.

Stay put.
I choose to be happy.

Sincerely yours,


trainstation in the sunset, the beginning of a journey.
All aboard. The journey begins.

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