Pleasure vs Happiness

Pleasure and happiness are two different things – let’s explore why.

Pleasure defines as ‘A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment’ and ‘Enjoyment and entertainment, as opposed to necessity’. 

Happiness defines as ‘The state of being happy’. 

What is pleasure? What is happiness?

I would say that pleasure if something fleeting, something that is momentarily, something that can go by as easily as it appeared. It is something rather hedonistic, geared essentially towards oneself and the fulfilment of one’s own ideas so as to maximise the enjoyment. And since we can get so easily used to something that gives us gratification, we naturally strive for more of it. 

Happiness on the other hand is a state, something longterm, something lasting. It is not something that you constantly pursue (pleasure is , though) but it is something that you learn, that you come into. It is a state of mind. 

But can pleasure bring happiness? I think so – I think it depends on your mindset. You could for example take a walk in the park, see some beautiful flowers. Do you think ‘these flowers are nice, they would look great at home’ or do you think ‘wow what beautiful flowers’? Enjoy the moment and the things not for your own pleasure but simply because of the beauty of it. 

happy womean in sunset

Last year I did two 30 day challenges – the 1st one was to post every day on Instagram a story with one thing that brought me pleasure or happiness and the second one was to find out what made people happy. I will write more in detail about the second challenge later on.

For now, lets focus on the first one. You have read my last post about the 30 small thing to brighten up your day. I tried to find each day some small thing that I enjoyed just for the beauty or the moment of it of when I was in a state of feeling at ease and peace with myself. When was the last time you did something because your wanted you too? When was the last time you enjoyed something simply because? 

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