The importance of being compassionate towards yourself

I was scrolling the other day through Instagram and came across a post by Eckhart Tolle, which said « Be compassionate with yourself ».  I shared it, wrote a small caption with it. But what does that mean, being compassionate with yourself? What does being compassionate even mean?

Defining as a compassionate being

Generally speaking, people who are compassionate are concerned about the feelings and state of being of others. They show compassion, meaning they feel sympathy for the other person. Thus, they are more enticed to help the other person if they need it.

women with kind words

How about yourself?

I never used to feel sympathy towards myself, my feelings. And I still struggle a lot with this today, because it doesn’t come naturally to me. I tend to more tell myself to not think this, or not feel that. I usually criticize myself for thinking or feeling a certain way. Does that sound familiar to you?
The problem is that I have never really learned to say that I feel sad, or that I feel angry, or that I don’t agree with something (and whenever I did say it either didn’t come out right or I was aggressed for speaking my mind) I never really learned to acknowledge feelings and emotions. So whenever something is up, I tend to tell myself it is not normal to think that or feel that way. This in return creates resistance and negative energy…If you fight something, it only stays and it will only grow stronger and more persistent.

i love me

Instead of judging yourself for the feelings you have, instead of making yourself small because of your emotion, show yourself compassion. Accept yourself as the wonderful being that you are. Learn to recognize any patterns of emotions or ways of thinking that you have and try to understand yourself. If you do, you can be compassionate towards yourself and kind.

This sounds easy, but it is not. I struggle with this every day. If you feel that you are slipping into a depressive episode or that unexplainable sadness is dwelling up inside you or you notice a fit of anger building up – it is ok. It is ok to feel the way that you are feeling. Tell yourself this and take it from there.



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