An introduction to happiness

Are you sometimes feeling down and unworthy of happiness?

I am there. Often. So I feel you. And I see you. I know you.

How does it feel like to see everyone around you seemingly happy, smiling all the time, feeling good when you only seem to scratch the surface of happiness? It feels like you are the only person in the world – you feel lonely. You may have a person or two in your life who you can talk to, who seem to understand, but when you get home in the evening, after a tiring day at work, then what? No one is really inside you and can switch on or off some buttons that do this or that to relieve the pain. Only you are you. You are unique. 

You eventually start to ask yourself the question “ Am I made to be happy? Am I even worthy of it? Do I deserve it?” 

The next day, you feel better, because something happened that made you smile, happy even. But this moment is so fragile, like a thin layer of glass that can be shattered even by a feather. 

So there you go. I have been there too, am there even. And I see you. I know you.

two hands with friendly words hold a cloud with sad words

And that’s why I decided to create this blog. I want to express my thoughts, my experiences and share them with those on the same path than me. I called it a quest for happiness, because that’s what it is: a quest. An epic journey. Life. It starts at an early age. But it is never ending. Because it is an ongoing process. And why for happiness? Happiness is something very personal and private and different for every human being. For me, generally speaking happiness means being at ease, at peace, according to your expectations and terms and conditions. But I’ll share in one of the next posts some of my definitions of happiness.

I sincerely hope it will shed light into areas of darkness and bring more positive energy into this world.

Why? Because the world needs it. 

I choose to be happy.

Thank you for reading.


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